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Working Abroad

Iwona Lach tells us why choosing to work or study abroad was the right choice for her. Tells us a bit about yourself. What are you studying? And what are your career goals?I’m almost 22 and I am studying ...

Why UK Students Should Now Study Abroad

UK students are now more than ever opening their eyes to possibilities and benefits of studying abroad.  Now could be the time to seriously consider studying outside of the UK. There are a number of reasons why this is increasin ...

Cost of Studying Abroad

How Much Will Studying Abroad Cost

When comparing costs between countries take into account both the costs (tuition fees, cost of living including visas, health insurance and travel costs) and your potential sources of income (eg whether you will be eligible for any finan ...

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Study Abroad Essentials

Once you've made your choice of country, university and course, here are a few essential things you need to find out. Visa RequirementsDifferent countries have different visa requirements for international ...